Andy Wauman

Andy Wauman's works speaks about the possibility of freedom. They are messages with a romantic sense for anarchy and love. In his statements, he often uses images that have been violated, multiplied and copied by commercial media. He recuperates common metaphors and symbols and gives them back their original romantic touch or even ideological meaning. The poetic quality is striking. Within an upcoming movement of new young artists using the language of the social context they grew up in, with the so-called popular culture and media as basic ingredients. Andy Wauman’s feeling for materials and authentic meaning is a marker.

In a personal statement, Wauman comments on the nature of his artistic personality:

“Generally my work has it’s origins in my conviction that a truly living culture can only arise from social structures and that the only theory a contemporary artist can feed on is necessarily a social one. I do not recycle existing forms, I try to make new ones based on my own background. Which is what distinguishes an artist from a marketeer. I try to inject the spontaneous energy from the street into my artistic practice, and I create my own contribution to the ‘revolution of everyday life’ in the shape of texts and objects. 
Therefore, a recurrent element in my work is my protesting against cynicism and a preference for the sensuality and romantic value of the materials of the street, the ones the vagabond knows better than the bourgeois. But rather than a political activist, I like to call myself a poetical terrorist. “

In collaboration with DeWeer Gallery



A Single Match Below A Fire, Deus Ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm, Canggu, Bali
Tasted In The Mouth Of Rain, the National Museum of Glass, Leerdam, The Netherlands

What do you permit to remain?, Art Statements, Tokyo, Hong Kong (until January 24, 2014)
Andy Wauman performance with Toxic Shock, SECONDroom, Antwerp, Belgium
Support All Sorrow (duo show), g262 gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Thorns And No Rose To Reply (duo show), Sofie Vandevelde Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
The Secret River of Rat Tears below at Art Statements Gallery, Main Gallery, Hong Kong

Bunk or Run at abc - art berlin contemporary: 2012, solo with Amel Bourouina Gallery, Berlin, Germany
The golden bullet that takes a million years to hit, Deweer Gallery, Otegem, Belgium
THE UPPER CRUSTER, Rewind Store, Ghent, Belgium

Calligraphs and Body Traps, Art Statements, Tokyo, Hong Kong
Jasmine & Sewers, SECONDroom, Antwerp, Belgium
Black Marks, Hunting and Collecting, Brussels, Belgium

The Same for A While, Art Statements Gallery, Central Brach, Hong Kong

The Quota Copies, Bourouina Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Post Everybody, Deweer Gallery, Otegem, Belgium
Empathy Leak, Open Art Space, Stuttgart, Germany

Calligraphs & Body Traps, Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong

Black Marks / The Mask That Fails To Touch The Face, Project Room South, Rijksacademy for Visual Arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dance Wires Rose Thorns, ArtBrussels 07, Deweer Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Wet Feet Bet, Deweer Art Gallery, Otegem, Belgium (catalogue available)

There should be no law for anybody, Window Gallery - Walter Van Beirendonck, Antwerp, Belgium

Don’t Sell The Middle Brow Short at Fifty One Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Cat & Dogs, Eric Lenoir, Charleville-Mezières, France


Deweer Gallery - Het Portret van een familie, de Directeurswoning, Roeselare, Belgium
Mixed Emotions, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Belgium

Deus Christmas co-lab art show, The Deus Art Gallery, Canggu, Bali
Emoties, Gemeentemuseum Helmond, The Netherlands (until 11 January 2015)
Up Every Evening, Season, Seattle, Washington, USA
Transition, Art Statements, Hong Kong
Collector's Room #5 - Pleasure, Deweer Gallery, Otegem, Belgium

Error One N°21 Shame! (Hide & Show), Pianofabriek / Zabriskie Point, Sint-Gillis, Brussels, Belgium
LO by Wout Bru, Linkeroever, Antwerp, Belgium
Museum to Scale 1/7, The Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium
Contemporary Art & Tattoo, Maison Folie de Wazemmes, Lille, France
Love + Guts, Manky Chops, Wellington, New Zealand
Palermo Papiere, Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany

BELGIE NIGHT #2, Z-Bar, Berlin, Germany
Apes Presents, Diehl Berlin, Germany
Down on Mainstream (curated by Koen Leemans), bkSM #14 Mechelen, de garage Mechelen, Belgium
Ethical Toe Rusks: An unauthorised exhibition (with Lisa Rybovich Cralle & Sean Lyons) (curated by Jim Ricks), Gallery 8, Dublin City Gallery/The Hugh Lane, Dublin, Ireland
Re-Opening, DEWEER gallery, Otegem, Belgium
Kanal - Ondernemen is een kunst, Kanaal Roeselare-Leie, Belgium
Who’s afraid of black, yellow, red, blue and yellow, Museum of Ideas, L’viv, Ukraine
Art Tapei 2012 with Art Statements, Tapei, Taiwan
Arsenale 2012. The first Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Who’s afraid of black, yellow, red, blue and yellow, at Museum of Ideas, Lvil, Ukraine
Berlin Wall Project, Berlin, Germany

Shadow Doesn’t Charge, duo-show with Boy & Erik Stappaerts, MX7, Antwerp, Belgium
Anonymously Yours at Observatoire-Maison Grégoire, Brussels, Belgium
No Maps For These Territories at MX7 Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Druckgrafiken aus dem Archiv des Frans Masereel Centrums at Verein fur Original-Radierung, Munchen, Germany
Art Brussels at Art Brussels Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
25th Graphic Biennal, at STeM, Stedelijk Museum, St-Niklaas, Belgium

Come-On at Vrac, Brussels, Belgium
Panorama. New works by artist from the Gallery at Bourouina Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
SH Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China
New Impressions, Bourouina Gallery, Berlin, Germany (until 29 January 2011)
Carte Blanche at Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Swiss
Mars op Oostende, Mu.Zee, Oostende, Belgium
I’ll be Blown at National Museum of Glas, Leerdam, The Netherlands
Mind The Bollocks at Expodium, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Art Brussels at Art Brussels Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
Black Monday at The Service Garage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Hong Kong 2010 International Art Fair, Hong Kong
30/30/30 at Deweer Gallery, Otegem, Belgium
Activism and Politics reflected within Contemporary Artistry at Artis Den Bosch, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

The Core Marrow of Art, Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong (until 30 January 2010)
Kiaf Korea Internation Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
Splav Meduze, Center for Contemporary Art Celje – Likovni Salon, Celje, Slovenia
101 Contemporary Art Fair Tokyo, Japan
Quantum Vîs #5, De Service Garage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Hands of Art, Drawing Center, New York, USA
Shoes on no Shoes, SONS Museum, Kruishoutem, Belgium
Contemporary Art Parcour, FRAC Champagne Ardenne, Studio Lenoir, Charleville Mézières, France
Rijksakademie OPEN 2009, Rijksakademy for Visual Arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marcel Broodthaers A Project by AmuseeVous at Logement, Antwerp, Belgium
Laugh Track, Brussels Biennial / Off Program, YUM 21C, Brussels, Belgium
UPDATE, Deweer Art Gallery, Otegem, Belgium
Error #10: Error One at Extra City, Antwerp, Belgium
Open Ateliers, Rijksacademy for Visual Arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Doing it my way. Perspectives on Belgian Art, Museum Küppersmühle for Modern Art, Duisburg, Germany (catalogue available)
Director’s Cut, Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
The Hands of Art, Martha Herford Museum for Contemporary Art, Herford, Germany
The Hands of Art, SMAK, Museum for Contemporary Art, Gent, Belgium
POP EYE. The art of music / The music of art, Old prison, Hasselt, Belgium
Together with Veronique Branquinho, MOMU ModeMuseum & Flanders Fashion Institute, Antwerp, Belgium
Untitled, Space for Contemporary Art, Pesc, Hungary
ARCO Art Fair, Madrid, Spain
Art Köln Art Fair, Köln, Germany

The Moss Gathering Tumbleweed Experience: The Breda Break, Lokaal 01, Breda, The Netherlands
Surfaces, Flanders Fashion Insitute, Antwerp, Belgium
Small Stuff three (Meeting Lohaus), Herrman Teirlinckhuis & Frankveld, Beersel, Belgium
Isel Foundation, Merelbeke, Belgium
Sway, Gallery Analix Forever, Geneva, Switserland
To Be Political It Has To Look Nice, Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Black,White, Gold, Yellow and Blue, Gallery Klerkx, Milano, Italy
Art Brussels Fair, Brussels, Belgium
The Moss Gathering Tumbleweed Experience, NICC, Antwerp, Belgium
Floods. 10 floods for one city, Saint Agostino Exhibiting Space in cooperation with GAMeC ( Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art ) at Bergamo, Italy

Artist Without Borders, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Przemysl, Poland
Shibboleth, Café Gallery Projects, Londen, UK
First Sudden Gone the One. First Sudden Back, at Project 133, Londen, UK
PERSEvérance, Het Godshuis, Sint-Laureins, Belgium

CHAT & CHAT 2005 - Dialoog I, Etoiles-Polaires & Vis à Vis Art Lab, Xiamen, China
Expo Coquina!, Antwerp, Belgium
Dialect 02, Gun Shooting Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
T142, Deweer Art Gallery, Transfo Zwevegem, Belgium (catalogue available)
SuperHasselt, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium

98% Belgian, Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp, Belgium
Free Space NICC, Hessenhuis Museum, Antwerp, Belgium

932m³, Gun Shooting Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Art Meets Inkjet, BOX 38, Oostende, Belgium
Young talents, Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp, Belgium
Vitrine 2003, Flanders Fashion Institute, Antwerp, Belgium

A Ticket To The Big Toe, online exhibition, Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp, Belgium
Untitled, 2060 Vision Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium